Gunnar Gíslason
Gunnar Gíslason 20 February 2020

Endeavour Elite are proud to welcome Gunnar Gíslason from Restaurant Agern in New York to the club.
You can read more about Endeavour Elite and Gunnar here:

Architecture/Design 7 January 2020

Endeavour is in the magazin Architecture/Design.
We, as a company, are always happy when People follow products that we create.
Quality and good design is our DNA.

ENDEAVOUR NEWS 30 November 2019

We are proud to be sponsor for
Team Bald Bros.
The Guys takes part in the annual Rickshaw Run through India in an attempt to raise money to safe the rainforest - follow them here:

WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! 30 November 2019

Endeavour welcomes ARKEN-shoppen. We are pleased that our kitchen utensils now also can be found in i ARKEN`S shop.

H. W Larsen catalogue of knives
H. W Larsen catalogue of knives 27 November 2019

Endeavour is in H. W Larsen catalogue of knives. We are so happy that our retailer has taken the time and space to include our designs and tools in their thoughts and visions of good tools.

Endeavour elite
Endeavour elite 22 May 2019

“Endeavour elite” We remain true to our Nordic heritance, thats why we stay in touch with the past that shaped us. Exiting things like Endeavour Elite is constantly keeping us on the right path and it is our compas on the way towards new goals. In collaboration with other tradesmen we build this kitchen brand which is sold all over the world. We believe that the strongest designs are created from knowledge, experience and respect for the past. Take a look on our elite team:

Bahne 15 November 2018

Bahne officiel Endeavour retailer Bahne probably has some of the best kitchen departements in the country. They select beuatiful brands for their stores. Endeavor has for a number of years been a part of Bahnes kitchen range which we are both proud and happy for. You can experience Endeavor's products on your own in their shops. The staff is more than happy to help and explain about Endeavours thoughts and products.


In the development of Endeavours design we aim to be exotic yet familiar, timeless and fresh.
In our expression the past and the present comes together and creates shapes that gives a pleasant feeling in the kitchen.
We have collaborators several places in the world and we are constantly opening new markets where Endeavours stylish design and quality can unfold.
From Germany to Poland - Hong Kong to NYC - We love to see our world create joy.
Write to us if you think you can help or collaborate with Endeavour.

Endeavour @MoMa
Endeavour @MoMa 13 September 2016


MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and Tokyo recently started selling Endeavour at their design stores.

A great big THANK YOU to all of our supporters:-)


Endeavour at Politiken Plus
Endeavour at Politiken Plus 6 November 2015

Endeavour having fun at Politiken Plus christmas fair - Always a smile:-)

Mat fra Norge
Mat fra Norge 19 February 2015

One of Norways largest foodmagazines "Mat fra Norge" has discovered the Endeavour knifes, and they are illustrated in the autumn issue.
Its exciting for us, that Endevour is noticed around the world.

We present two new cutting boards
We present two new cutting boards 15 May 2014

We call them "Meat Chop" and "Table Chop". Its two brand new cutting boards which both is introduced with a juice groove, in shops early winter.
Both boards are made of 100% biodegradable bamboo.

Endeavour in danish tv-show
Endeavour in danish tv-show "Rod i køkkenet" 19 February 2015

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the danish Michelin chef Thomas Rode's tools in the tv-show "Rod i køkkenet". By supplying knifes, cutting boards and bomboo utensils.
Endeavour supporting gastronomy!

Big in Holland
Big in Holland 19 February 2015

Its amazing for us to be in one of Hollands biggest kitchen utensil stores Oldenhof. With their fantastic showroom its a unique opportunity for us to show our products to the Dutch customers.

DANSKmadeforrooms new retailer
DANSKmadeforrooms new retailer 19 February 2015

One of Copenhagens high-end designshops, who believes in great design and unique materials. They are handpicking the products, and we are happy to say "they picked out us". They are displaying us together with a range of other great brands.

Another day at the office
Another day at the office 19 February 2015

The Endeavour team is back in Copenhagen, after 5 wonderful days at the Ambiente-fair in Frankfurt.
We have had a lot of fun, and we are now looking forward to getting back in contact with the exciting stores and distributers from around the world.
Our phones are switched on and our emails are up and running – so please let us hear from you!

HELLO Ambiente!
HELLO Ambiente! 19 February 2015

The first day of the Ambiende fair 2012 has come to an end, and the Endeavour-team has made a lot of new friends and future allies.
We look forward to lots of more fun at the fair, and hope to get a chance to meet even more great people!
Come find us at Hall 1.1 - D.27

People are noticing our products
People are noticing our products 19 February 2015

We are very proud that our Endeavour products are being noticed, and find it worthy of publishing. If you would like to read more, check out the article at:

Farewell fellow explorer!
Farewell fellow explorer! 19 February 2015

Today, our fellow explorer also named Endeavour engaged upon its last journey into space.
To the Endeavour space shuttle: ”We salute you!”

Our good old 4x4 came back from the shop
Our good old 4x4 came back from the shop 19 February 2015

Our recently new-bought, yet very old LandRover just came back from the mechanics!
We are working on making it run on rapeseed-oil and old grease from the many deep fryers that cook crispy fries all day here at Vesterbro.
... Soon we will be able to make all of Vesterbro a place for celebrating the deep fryer!

Something is cooking
Something is cooking 30 January 2015

We have been working hard on getting the new, fantastic bamboo utensils ready to hit the stores - and now they are here!

Enjoy - and ready to start cooking!

New retailer in Copenhagen
New retailer in Copenhagen 9 January 2015

We are very happy to announce that the specialized store H.W. Larsen & Sønner, has started to sell the Endeavour product-range.

Many of the most talented chefs from the danish food scene knows the shop and buys their tools here.

Black is the new black
Black is the new black 9 January 2015

Endeavour® Knife Holder is designed in bamboo

and is extremely flexible,which is a plus for the creative chef.

You choose how you put your knives in

and how many you keep in the block.

The knife block is washable both inside and outsideto

ensure good kitchen hygiene and is 100% biodegradable.

Working late at the Endeavour headquarter in Copenhagen 15 OCT - 2012
Working late at the Endeavour headquarter in Copenhagen 15 OCT - 2012 15 October 2012

Here's what happens late at night when nobody's looking. We often work until late in the evening, by enhancing our products, design and finding new retailers for the Endeavour products.
If youre interested in becoming a retailer, please let us know, write us at

Endeavour at Louisiana 4 AUGUST - 2011
Endeavour at Louisiana 4 AUGUST - 2011 4 August 2011

Check us out if you get a chance to go to Louisiana – Museum Of Modern Art. You can find some of our nice products in their beautiful store – alongside the artistic pictures, posters and other nice items they sell.

Something is in the air 15 OCT - 2012
Something is in the air 15 OCT - 2012 15 October 2012

Introducing the Endeavour Ceramic Sharpener. A unique design, a tool matching the hardness in the damascus steel from which the Endeavour knifes is made from.

We are proud to show the world our unique ceramic sharpener "created in Denmark" with a design never seen before.