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Endeavour ist...

... Eine dänische Design-Firma, mit großen Ambitionen für Qualität,
Einfachheit und Funktionalität.
Wir produzieren professionelle Küchengeschirr für den privaten Verbraucher.
Zögern sie nicht, uns zu Kontakten, wenn sie gerne mit uns Geschäfte machen wollen.


                   The little details are a big deal to each and every one of us.

It starts with a vision and a knife



is a Danish design company,

with high ambitions for quality,

simplicity and functionality.

They produce professional grade kitchenware

for the private consumer.


Endeavour® Knife Holder is designed in bamboo

and is extremely flexible,which is a plus for the creative chef.

You choose how you put your knives in

and how many you keep in the block.

The knife block is washable both inside and outsideto

ensure good kitchen hygiene and is 100% biodegradable.